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Amplify Your Marketing Message
With Out-of-Home Transit Advertising

Integrating Out-of-Home Transit Advertising into your marketing mix amplifies your client’s message and maximizes their ad spend by extending the reach and frequency of an integrated marketing campaign. It combines a physical presence, prime locations and immediacy in the places consumers are already frequenting.

It’s the most effective driver of mobile, social and digital engagement

  • Increases internet exposure by driving more traffic to a website
  • Extends the reach and frequency of an internet campaign while users are offline

It extends reach

  • Enhances radio marketing efforts by creating a visual component
  • Maintains market presence of a brand featured on the radio even after listeners have switched stations

Its creativity has no limit

  • Wide range of sizes and formats to fit an idea as big as your mind can imagine
  • Deliver disruptive and engaging messaging that grabs consumers’ attention

When OOH is included in a media plan, it can increase reach by 18% for TV, 45% for radio and 68% for internet advertising. Adsposure will help you design an integrated plan that helps you maximize your customer’s marketing spend while reaching millions of people at one of the lowest costs per impression in advertising.

See how we can help integrate OOH Transit Advertising into your advertising efforts in Cincinnati, Des Moines, Kansas City, Lexington, Nashville, Northern Kentucky, Fort Worth, and San Antonio.

*USA Touchpoints Study, Media Behavior Institute, May 2012


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