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With endless channels in the mass media landscape, how do you break through the clutter to deliver a message that will convert consumers into customers?
--One word: Birdland.

Birdland maximizes the marketing efforts of all types of businesses by increasing the frequency and reach of your message through transit advertising.

The Birdland team is fully immersed in every aspect of transit advertising and knows how to optimize its full potential. Our Account Executives live and work in the same markets you do business, giving you one local point of contact. Our leadership team previously worked in broadcast, print and digital media so we understand the challenges of each. Bottom line: Birdland has all the tools you need to navigate the challenges of today’s fragmented advertising landscape, resulting in a truly personalized customer experience that achieves your business goals.


Why Transit Ads?

70% of all consumers spend their time outside their homes - driving, riding, walking, working and waiting. Transit Ads capitalize on the time consumers spend outside by capturing their attention in a format they can’t avoid.

Greater Visibility

  • Big, bold messages seen by thousands of people each day
  • Can’t be blocked, skipped, or avoided like other media

Further Reach

  • Touches every demographic
  • Millions of impressions each month
  • Flexibility to go where consumers live, work and play

Further Reach

  • Research shows for every Taka 1 spent on OOH, Taka 2.8 in sales result.
  • 70% of all consumers say advertising they see outside the home is likely to influence a purchase.
  • The most effective driver of mobile, social and digital engagement.


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Birdland works with transit authorities and municipalities to identify untapped resources for generating additional revenue.

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Birdland works directly with local business owners and decision makers to maximize their company’s marketing spend with increased exposure and frequency.

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